Benefits of Exercise on a Kid’s Brain

Benefits of Exercise on a Kid’s Brain
Exercise and physical workout not only contributes to the fitness but also to the improvement of overall personality and healthy brain functioning. 
Additionally, it aids to reduce unhealthy weight and obesity, increases strength in muscles and bones and can even improve concentration at school.

Now let’s have a look at some major benefits from exercising :-
  1. Increases the flow of blood to the brain - Blood transports glucose and oxygen which is needed by the brain functioning like focus and alertness. Various studies say that 6 months exercise increases blood flow by 30-40%. 
  2. Exercise helps creativity - Physical activity enhances brain to shift thinking and produce creative thoughts. Exercise boosts your brain to work at maximum capacity by causing nerve cells to multiply. 
  3. Strengthen the vestibular system - Vestibular system is a sensory system that is responsible helps in balance, providing information about motion and head position. Exercising helps creating better spatial awareness and mental alertness. Exercises like jumping and skipping and various other balancing activities helps strengthen vestibular system. 
  4. Exercise reduces stress - Exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety as children tend to be affected from these problems often. Exercising also helps to enhance sleep which plays an important role in your kids overall health and development.
  5. Boosts confidence and self-esteem - Regular exercise increase positivity and strengthen self-worth as it increases your child’s strength, flexibility and endurance. This would help your kid gain confidence to go through the physical challenges.
  6. Exercise development of new brain cells - Exercising helps to build new blood cells in the brain region which helps to improve to enhance short term memory, faster reaction time and higher level of creativity.

In order to get your kids moving you have to set an example yourself and making fitness a priority so that they get driven and feel motivated by your actions. 
Apart from that, limit the amount of time they spend watching tv, playing computer or video games or doing other indoor activities. Try to replace these activities with various forms of exercises or workouts which are interesting as well, like dancing, swimming, cycling, playing games outdoors, gymnastics, introducing them to some sport etc.  Make sure your kid gets out for these kinds of physical activities for at least an hour in a day. 

Please Note: We are not medical practitioners, hence the information in the video should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your doctor. There may be variations in treatment that your doctor may recommend based on individual facts & circumstances.

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