Top 10 Weight Gain food for Babies

Top 10 Weight Gain food for Babies

Weight gain is the primary concern for the parents these days but there are many other important aspects parents should keep in mind. Parents should focus in maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. There should be proper nutrients, vitamins and mineral content for overall growth of the baby. 
Physical activities of the babies also play a vital part in the overall development of the baby. And as they grow up, parents can introduce some sports like swimming, cycling, gymnastics etc with proper daily routine.

    Here comes the list:

  1. Breast milk- Breast milk is made of millions of live cells which helps in organs development, proteins that develop and protect neurons babies brain, vitamins & minerals that supports in development of bones and teeth, amino acids, more than 40 enzymes baby’s digestion as well as helps in the absorption of iron, oligosaccharides good for babies gut, antibodies, fatty acids and 1000+ microRNAs which regulate gene expression. Among all the superfoods breast milk is the most important.
  2. Banana- Bananas are often chosen as one of first food for the babies as they are sweet, tasty and nutritious, many babies respond eagerly to bananas. It is rich in potassium and has an abundance of vitamins ( B6, C & B12). Bananas can be given to babies above 6 months in the form of puree.
  3. Sweet Potatoes- Sweet Potatoes can be chosen as first food for babies. It can be given to babies above 6 months in the form of puree. They are high in dietary fibre, magnesium potassium, vitamin B6 and very high vitamin A& C. To older kids it can be given in the form of sweet potato khichdi, pancake or soups.
  4. Oats- Oats are high in manganese, magnesium, thiamine and phosphorus. It can be given to the babies older than 9 months in the form of porridge or pancakes.
  5. Avocado – It can be given to the babies after 6 months. It is considered as a super food for babies. Initially you can give it in the form of puree and later on after a year you can give its as milkshake or smoothie.
  6. Ragi / Finger Millet- Ragi is one of the best weight gain food for babies. Its is rich in dietary fibre, protein, vitamin B1, B2, & B6. It can be given in the form of powder mixed with Milk, Porridge, Dosa,  Idli etc.
  7. Eggs- Eggs can be given after 8 months of age. Initially please give only the yolk and then introduce the white part later when the baby is 1 year old. Eggs are rich source of protein. They can be given in the form of pancakes, scrambled, boiled, egg rice, etc.
  8. Yoghurt – Yoghurt is a good source of vitamin A, B6, B12 & D, calcium, thiamine, magnesium, phosphorous, riboflavin & protein. Because of its culturing process, the portion is easily digested by little tummies. Recommendations say to start yoghurt after 8-9 months of age.
  9. Clarified Butter /Ghee- Homemade ghee is one of the best weights gaining food source. It can be added in almost all the food that the baby takes after 8 months. You can start with few drops initially. 
  10. Dry Fruit Powder- Dry Fruits like almond, Pistachio, cashew, walnut can be dry roasted then powdered and mixed in almost all the foods. It can be given to the babies after 9 months.

 Points to remember:-
  • It is recommended not just to concentrate on the weight gain in babies but ensure overall nutritious diet for the babies.
  • Before introducing any new food to babies make sure to follow the 3 day rule.
  • The weight of the baby may also depend on the genetics. The baby might have similar physical attribution as possessed by the mother and father.
  • If the baby is active and is eating properly there is no need to worry about her weight.

Please Note: We are not medical practitioners, hence the information in the video should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your doctor. There may be variations in treatment that your doctor may recommend based on individual facts & circumstances.

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