10 Benefits of learning Abacus for Kids

🧮 Will it make your child a Human Calculator?

What is Abacus?

Also known as the counting frame, it’s a mechanical device which assists to perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It can also be used to extract square-roots and cubic roots etc.

Abacus education not only helps in speedy and accurate calculations but it also helps increasing photographic memory, concentration and listening skills. Parents can introduce their children to abacus between the age of 4 to 14. Being honest many kids don’t like maths. According to researchers not all the kids can calculate quick and accurate, making maths unpleasant and boring for them. Learning maths could be made easier with the help of abacus and it can boost confidence of your child. 

Following are the benefits of learning abacus-
  1. Abacus helps to speed up mathematical calculations with much more accuracy.
  2. Helps to improves visualization skills. Ability to do mental math will be enhanced by the use of Abacus.
  3. Abacus education helps to refine problem solving ability of kids.
  4. It not only enhances memory power but also improves retention power for the long run.
  5. Learning abacus helps to increase concentration as well as calculation skills which can be the best advantage of abacus.
  6. As abacus involves use of hands and fingers for the beads to be moved around, it acts as great brain simulator which helps to enhance gross motor skills.
  7. When your kid gets quicker and better in mental maths it develops confidence and self-esteem.
  8. Abacus is a great stress booster and can help to calm down anxiety levels.
  9. Abacus training helps children to make use of both left and right brain function simultaneously which helps to improve photographic memory. 
  10. It also helps children to increase their listening ability as well as observation power as and when they spend more time with abacus.

We all are born with raw and tender mind, so we all have equal opportunities to train our child’s brain and maximize their ability. Starting years are very important for a kid so make use of them to the fullest.

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