9 Benefits of Learning Vedic Maths for Kids

♾ What is Vedic Maths?

Discovered and founded by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji it is a collection of processes and techniques used to solve math problems in a quick and easy way.
It consists of 16 Formulas and 13 sub formulas to solve arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus conics etc.

Vedic maths helps kids to learn and remember the formulas and table charts quicker. It also helps kids to reduce burden of excess calculations and makes them quicker and more accurate. 

There are many kids who sometimes lack interest in maths, Vedic maths can be a boon to them and can help them to make them feel more confident about maths.

Benefits of learning Vedic maths are as follows-

  1. It reduces excess burden of remembering tables and formulas.
  2. Vedic maths helps to increase concentration and confidence in kids.
  3. It helps in speedy calculations as compared to the conventional methods. 
  4. It also reduces finger counting and rough work.
  5. As Vedic maths involves lots of unconventional calculation it helps to improves kid’s mental maths and make them more accurate.
  6. Learning Vedic maths helps kids with quick re-checking procedures while calculations which can further assist to their accuracy.
  7. Vedic maths can be very helpful for slow learners and make them grasp basic concepts quickly.
  8. Sometimes when the traditional methods tend to disinterest the kids Vedic maths could create magic to create interest in maths.
  9. Unconventional methods of calculations like Vedic maths help to create alertness of mind, flexibility of choice while calculating and make kids a multidimensional thinker.

Preferable, Vedic maths is started from the age of 9-10 because by
then kids are well aware of their basic concepts and are ready to learn shortcuts now. 

As Vedic maths is more about mental calculations and
shortcuts so kids need to learn and understand the long and
conventional methods of calculations as well before approaching to

Hence, be careful to clear all the basic concepts of long
methods and conceptual clarity before rushing to Vedic maths.

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