Importance of Reading for Kids

Looking for activities to make a good foundation for your child!! 

It is no secret that activities that parents do at home with kids supplements the school lessons. There are various such activities that parents can do while they are at home with their kids.

It’s often a good idea to read out moral lessons and various other creative stories to your kids from a very young age. Good stories not only encourage your child to read but also develops a sense of creativity thinking while they think about the story they read.

Think from the point of view of kids!!

If you were given a book full of symbols, you have to understand and interpret the meaning of it. That is how the young readers feel. You can bring in the efforts of making them understand the way book is read.

1) Going across from left to right.

2) Making them understand the space between words. 

3) You can also explain the meaning of certain words.

4) Point to the word as you read aloud.

5) Following the figure during reading from left to right.

There are also some great benefits of reading to your toddlers-:

1. Clearly if you read often to your toddlers they get better at it each day and improve their listening skills as well.

2. Reading helps to expand their vocabulary.

3. Reading aloud to children aids in language development.

4. Reading aloud strengthens the imagination power of the child.

5. Reading initiates a solid foundation in toddlers, which prepares them further for school.

6. Reading regularly to your toddler establishes a bond between the child and parent.

7. Reading aloud builds ability to listen in kids.

8. As a parent your regular reading session develops a positive interest with reading.

9. Reading aloud generates great comprehension skills.

10. Your reading sessions creates learning fun and stimulating for young ones.

What you have to do?

As a parent you have to patient and consistent with your kid. It takes years of good habits and routines to shape a strong foundation and this can be reading routine can be one of your steps in building it.

“Every day comes with a chance to learn something new and grow better than you were yesterday.”  
By- Janhvee

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