About Me

Hey Everyone!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

I am a mom of a 3 year old adorable son and a You-tuber+Blogger, basically a freelancer certified in Child Psychology & also post-graduate with a degree in Business Management. I have been through that tough situation where I always wondered what is right for my baby and what's not. 

Being away from home and my elders, I used to figure out solutions related to parenting, on my own. Used to ask people, my pediatrician, read articles, books, magazines etc. to find out what will be best for my child. 

Gradually when I started uncovering my anxieties I found that those experiences were really giving answers to my curiosity & they were actually working on my baby. So I thought to myself that there would be so many moms like me being in a nuclear family and no elder available at the moment. This thought gave birth to the Idea of a youtube channel and blogs through which I will be able to help so many parents & caregivers who are in need of a right guidance. 

I started sharing my experiences, tips & tricks through the channel, parents would need in their day to day life and what I felt was needed for me the most when I was alone.

Hope these blogs will help all the first time parents and you will like them.  
For any inputs you can e-mail me at littletellykids@gmail.com

Loads of love to all 💕

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